Frequently Asked Questions — Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Why is Impact Earth using an ICO and crypto instead of normal fund raising or crowdfunding?
Who is this crypto currency for?
How can I be sure Impact Earth is legit?
What amount are we really seeking to Raise?
We say we want to raise $20M-$30M then why issue $100M?
How is Impact Earth making money?
How do you make money from participating in the ICO?
Bottom line, investors don’t care about the whole climate change, they want to know how much money they can make?
Why join the ICO of Impact Earth and not one of the many other ICO?
Is there a risk that I lose some of my money?

Frequently Asked Questions — IMPACTXO Blockchain platform

Why is the blockchain platform important to the goals of Impact Earth?
What makes us different from the rest?
Why is transparency important?
How does Impact Earth instill trust?
How can we make sure that ownership is secured in the real world?

Frequently Asked Questions — Impact projects

What are sustainable developments?
Does Impact Earth offer a standard solution?
What are the sources of CO2?
How much impact is Impact Earth aiming for?
How does one calculate impact and CO2 reduction?
Which countries is Impact Earth targeting?
Africa is hot with property market hence players like the former Barclays chief Bob Diamond have staked everything in Africa, what is our competitive advantage?

Frequently Asked Questions — General

What is blockchain?
What is a crypto currency?
What is a Wallet?
What is an IMPACTXO Coin?
What is an Earth Token?
Can I participate without Ethereum wallet?
How do I participate?
How do I keep my wallets safe?
What happens when I lose my private key?
Which wallets are supported?
Can I sell my IMPACTXO Coins back to the Foundation?
How will I receive my profits?
How can I use the Earth Tokens after the ICO?
When will the tokens be distributed?
I want to contact someone at Impact Earth?
Can I participate using Ethereum?
Can I participate using BitCoin?
Can I participate using USD?
Can I participate using EURO?
Is there a minimum investment for buying IMPACTXO Coins?
Can I invest if I am not from EU?
What is the total supply of IMPACTXO Coins?
Where can I find your terms and conditions?
Can I buy and sell tokens in fractions, like 10.93 IMPACTXO Coins?