Impact Earth

The art of creating Financial and Social wealth on the blockchain.

This is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for IMPACTXO Coins and Earth Tokens by the Impact Earth Foundation. For 1 USD participants will receive 1 IMPACTXO Coin, everybody can participate with a minimum of 10 USD.

Driven by the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement, a multi-billion industry has emerged. Governments and companies alike need to reduce their CO2 footprint and want to improve their corporate Sustainability Image.

The Mission of Impact Earth is to offer complete sustainable Impact Investments Solutions fully managed on the blockchain that will reduce CO2 and will assist in creating sustainable communities in Developing Countries. Impact Earth will be the go to place for companies that want to improve their Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) or reduce their carbon footprint.

Each IMPACTXO coin will be backed by three streams of value creation.

  • A blockchain company that created a protocol and a transparent blockchain platform to manage the complete lifecycle of the Impact Investments. The financial, social and sustainability impact is fully measured on the blockchain as well.
  • A participation in a unique housing system that will be a solution to the global housing shortage and will contribute to CO2 reduction.
  • Origination and pre-financing of a portfolio of sustainable real estate impact assets 70% of the crowdsourcing will be used to build a portfolio of real estate impact assets for our target clients and 30% is used to further improve our blockchain application and strengthen our partnership in the housing solution. Profits will be distributed quarterly to our coin holders.

70% of the crowdsourcing will be used to build a portfolio of real estate impact assets for our target clients and 30% is used to further improve our blockchain application and strengthen our partnership in the housing solution. Profits will be distributed quarterly to our coin holders.

What problems does Impact Earth solve?

The world is facing global challenges for sustainable development with focus on:

  • reducing CO2 emissions globally to reduce the effects of climate change
  • urbanisation, solving the demand for affordable housing in urban and off grid rural areas
  • energy transition, reducing energy consumption using smart, climate design, producing renewable energy on site, and storing and distributing energy though smart networks
  • addressing water, food and resource scarcity through resource efficient design strategies

Impact Earth’s approach to these problems is circular and inclusive, creating ecological and social value for its customers through community building and education managed on the Ethereum blockchain for transparency and control. Impact investing is a way of investing that creates financial returns for the investor and that makes the world a better and more sustainable place at the same time. Impact projects are typically designed to make communities more sustainable and reduce CO2, to create jobs and provide people with means to improve their livelihood and generate income which will enable them to repay the investors.

However, in many cases these investments are difficult to find, not transparent, difficult to manage and measure. Investment funds, institutions, companies and governments are struggling to do so.

The Impact Earth Solution

The Impact Earth Foundation will be able to offer a portfolio of services to our target clients. Ranging from managing an investment to offering full turnkey investment projects from origination to development and the financing structure. Based on three pillars, Impact Earth is able to provide a strong and unique base of value in this multi-billion industry for the holders of the IMPACTXO Coin.


The flexible IMPACTXO blockchain backbone solution based on the Connect Market Protocol © that makes the investment transparent from inception to exit. The solution will reduce the current inefficiencies and inaccuracies over the lifetime of the impact investment in real assets like real estate, green energy farms, etc., and will put transparent measurements and processes in place needed to monitor, manage and ultimately sell the asset. Linking digital identities of properties to the digital identities of owners and tenants/customers and transparent records on impact creation and CO2 reduction will create valuable online records for each real asset and will offer a clear and transparent track record.

Democratization of Housing

This unique flexible housing concept that will provide affordable houses for the less privileged and aims to facilitate access to proper housing for everyone and creates sustainable communities that will support CO2 reduction. The concept is based on the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and a highly efficient, on site production facility that can be run by locally trained personnel. Local architects will be selected to design low cost housing typologies using the tools and components from the predetermined BIM library. In so doing, the consortium has bypassed the issues of culture, climate and local building regulations, ensuring that supply meets demand and that the design solutions are contextually based. The BIM models can directly be used for the engineering and production of the components on site, thereby reducing production costs and enabling endless variations. The picture shows the onside factory that fits within an container.

Origination and Financing of Impact Assets

A lot of expertise comes into play when making a sustainable investment in developing countries. Knowledge is necessary not only to select sound and viable projects but also to create legally sound structures and to monitor on-going projects from commencement to completion. With our affiliated company Realty Africa, we have a lot of experience in origination of the best Impact Investments and we will create a fund that will pre-finance these Impact projects with good returns. We have many projects waiting in the pipeline to start after the ICO is finished. One of the first projects would be the refurbishment and expansion of a student housing complex in the City of Johannesburg which can house more than 100 students from the University of Johannesburg. There is a huge need for good quality affordable student accommodation.

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Offer valid until the 31st of March

Target Clients

Government, institutions and Industry participants will have the following goals under the Paris Agreement:

  • To develop or improve corporate sustainability guidelines that describe their commitments to economic, environmental, safety and social sustainability in communities where they operate.
  • To reduce their carbon footprint by participating in proven CO2 reduction projects anywhere and report on it.

However, executing these goals is not so easy. The main challenges our clients face are:

  1. Lack of in-house knowledge on participating in or implementing sustainable projects
  2. Lack of skills or staff to monitor the projects
  3. Lack of time to properly find, originate or finance sustainable projects
  4. Lack of financial capacity to be the sole investor in a project

Impact Earth will provide our target customers with a full end to end solution to address these goals and invest in transparent investments fully tracked and measured on the blockchain.


This coin offering will add value to everybody that is thinking about the future and will allow you, our coin holder, to participate in what will be the largest industry of the next decade.

The IMPACTXO coin will benefit our coin holders in several ways and will have:

  • A link to a multi-billion-dollar industry
  • A real tangible asset to support its value among others
  • A price based on the underlying asset value of sustainable investments and a housing concept
  • A link to inflation and a higher probability of increasing in value
  • Little correlation to the dynamics of the cryptocurrency exchanges for diversification of risk
  • Quarterly distributable profits by way of Earth Tokens
  • A value and will be tradable on the biggest exchanges

Additionally, the IMPACTXO coin will:

  • Be a good start of cryptocurrency holders who want to diversify their investments by investing in the future of sustainable investments
  • Have Earth Tokens which can be exchanged for cash and be used to support philanthropic projects via the Impact Earth Foundation


The funds raised will be managed by the Impact Earth Foundation registered in the Netherlands. The solution is developed by the Transparent Concepts Company (also known as Realty Africa Connect) registered in the Netherlands. Deloitte has been tasked with the responsibility for auditing the projects developed with the funds of the coin offering.

The Impact Earth service offering

With the three components as mentioned above, we can create several services offerings to cater for our target customers:

  1. Origination on request of full turnkey Impact Asset investment: Companies and institutions will have the obligation to improve their social responsibility and sustainability profile. Using the full potential of Impact Earth, we can find projects, originate them, put the finance structure in place and manage the total project on the blockchain platform
  2. Manage in-house origination on the IMPACTXO platform: Institutions with the potential to originate their own projects can use the platform to manage their project and create a track record.
  3. Pre-financing small impact investments and creating a portfolio: Impact Earth can pre-finance small Impact Investments via our originating platform Realty Africa and create a portfolio. When the portfolio has enough substance, the portfolio will be offered to investors or the tokens will be combined and offered for an ICO.
  4. Affordable Housing projects: We come across land purchase opportunities on a regular basis in places where there is a huge need for affordable housing and the creation of more sustainable communities. Impact Earth with the help of the local Realty Africa teams, can develop these projects and offer them to institutions for investment or pre-finance the project as part of a portfolio.
  5. CO2 reduction projects: Under the Paris Agreement, many companies have a need to reduce their Carbon Footprint. This can be done by buying into CO2 reduction projects. The projects that we originate in affordable housing combined with clean energy sources, ECO-lodges or local solar farms, offer a huge CO2 reduction potential and will be an interesting investment or be eligible for UN funding. The asset and the CO2 reduction is managed and measured on the blockchain platform.

Yellow page directory of all industry specialists: The database of Market Participants will be made available as a subscription service to find the best Real Estate specialist in the countries that Impact Earth will be active.

Opportunities/how do you make money

The funds raised with the ICO are distributed over the three pillars of the Impact Earth Foundation according to the overview below:

These three elements will all generate a profit to the benefit of our IMPACTXO Coin holders. At least 70% of net profit after tax) will be distributed to IMPACTXO holders quarterly each year.

The demand for Impact Projects is growing every year. According to a survey by the Global Impact Investment Network (, the market is growing by 17% to 20% a year and the total amount invested globally is more than 114 Billion USD. The report shows that return expectation by Impact Investors is close to market rate returns for more than 84% of the investors.

The Impact Earth Foundation makes money from cash flows earned on:

  1. Offering our blockchain solution to companies and institutions for managing their investments
  2. Developing sustainable projects with the housing solution
  3. Finding and originating Impact Assets that are subsequently sold on to companies or institutions that want to improve their sustainability profile or reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Creating portfolios of pre-financed projects managed on our IMPACTXO platform which are subsequently sold to an investor.
  5. The yellow pages subscription model

The key to the IMPACTXO concept is the focus on Real Assets that hold value and serve as collateral. We believe that the Real Asset Impact investment model will drive the future value of IMPACTXO to levels far beyond the launch price backed by its assets, generating positive cash flows, equity participations and cash pool. Either way, the IMPACTXO token value increases substantially when the value of the underlying asset increases.

Returns are distributed to our coin holders in the form of Earth Tokens on a quarterly basis. A pool of cash held by the Transparent Concepts Company will support the Earth Tokens.


The Impact Earth Foundation is raising funds by selling IMPACTXO Coins. The nominal value of each IMPACTXO Coin will be USD 1 and it is possible to participate with a minimum of 10 USD. The maximum number of tokens that can be purchased at any one time is limited to 1 million USD.

The total supply of tokens is 100 million. This total of 100 million tokens is available for the ICO, minus the tokens reserved for the bounty program, the team and the founders. In the event that not all tokens are taken up during the ICO, the tokens will be put in storage for at least one year. The tokens of the founders will be kept in storage for 6 months after the end of ICO.

Participate now and get 50% off

Offer valid until the 31st of March


Early Bird Discounts

Early supporters will be offered a discount depending on when you join the pre-ICO.

# of TokensDiscountTotal discount

Pre-subscription purchases will be kept in storage until 7 working days after the ICO at which point IMPACTXO tokens will be distributed to buyers. See timeline.

During the pre-ICO and ICO, we accept payment in fiat currency or crypto currency. The USD will be the base currency for calculating the participation amount.

High Investment Bonus

Minimum investment of 50.000 USD during the sale period from 1st December 2017 until 31st of March 2018, will receive an additional 3% bonus in IMPAXTXO Coins. This discount is also applicable to EUR BTC or ETH participants and the actual exchange rate is used to convert the dollars to these currencies.

Minimum investment of 150.000 USD during this period, will receive an additional 5% bonus in IMPAXTXO Coins.

Participation amountBonus
50.000 USD3%
150.000 USD5%


Patrick Chella


Patrick is a Masters Graduate and brings in his experience from 17 years of working in Private Equity, Hedge Fund Services and the Banking sector. He started at an Asset Management firm in Zimbabwe and moved to the Netherlands to finish his education. He is passionate about Africa and has vast network of specialists all across the globe which we need to expand Impact Earth.

Emil Bengtsson


Emil is a technologist and problem solver by heart with 16 years of experience. He is an all-round designer and programmer and mastered many programming languages. He is experienced in internet security and passionate about blockchain. He is an experienced blockchain programmer and as a co-founder and CTO of Impact Earth will lead in perfecting the architecture and completing the IMPACTXO platform.

Advisory team

Duzan Doepel

Architect and Sustainable building advisor

The belief that an interdisciplinary approach to design leads to sustainable spaces and an enhanced user experience led architect Duzan Doepel and interior architect Eline Strijkers to team up in 2007 to form DoepelStrijkers. Driven by a fascination for aesthetics with substance, they generate work that transcends the spatial by creating social, ecolog-ical and economic value. Giving form to the process and financing is just as important as the design itself. A firm belief that design can act as an agent for social renewal leads to strategies that contribute to both a circular and inclusive economy. In 2017 Chantal Vos joined the team as partner.

Over the last ten years they have developed concepts and realised projects from installations to large-scale interiors, architecture and urban interventions in which these principles are integrated. They are currently working on a disruptive solution for healthcare housing, a nature-based pavilion for the Floriade Expo, several museum conversions, new retail formulas and a radical concept for a building as a cluster of services.

Over the last decade their work has gained worldwide appreciation through numerous publications, exhibitions and awards.

Allan Zaramba

Legal advisor

Allan is a founding member of BarefootLaw and Head of Digital Strategy. Allan has garnered years of experience in digital media with specific reference to areas of monetization, automated marketing, analysis, design and management of IT and digital media tools and products. His skills have equipped BarefootLaw with a wide range of innovative ways to deliver legal services. When Allan isn’t typing away on his computer, he is on some adventure and spending time with his family.

Mansi Jasuja-Vromans

Advisor on urban development and climate change

Mansi Jasuja is an independent consultant working in the field of resilient urban development, climate change impacts and adaption. Mansi is working closely with the Royal Dutch Waternetwork (KNW) and also holds the position of President, IHS Alumni International Board (Erasmus University, Rotterdam) since 2014. She is continuing this position for the second term since September 2017. Originating from India and living in the Netherlands since the year 2000 has given her the privilege to be a part of multiple worlds. Mansi uses the opportunities of having this cultural duality for co-creating creative solutions, networking and facilitating processes. What gives her a lot of energy are interactions that involve catalysing change and inspiring soul-searching that incites moves towards a sustainable world

Munya Chiura

Advisor developing countries on applying technology to

Munya is a highly experienced global technology executive who has had success in a variety of highly competitive, cutting- edge markets, and fast-paced industries including, Fintech, ICT, Financial Services, Human Resources, Healthcare and Venture Capital and Private Equity. He possesses a solid track record of more than 20 years of hands-on experience in strategic planning, business development, project and product management, and Lean Six Sigma/Operational Excellence strategies.

Munya is passionate about Africa and the great potential for the continent when it comes to innovation. After spending over 20 years in the USA, Munya decided to permanently relocate back to the country of his birth in Zimbabwe.

Jeroen Batema

Financial Analysis advisor

CEO of Open Source Investor Services, Fintech company specialist in credit risk based in the Netherlands. Jeroen is a co-founder of OSIS. He started his banking career in commercial lending at ING Bank, in 2000 he became head of Credit Portfolio Management at NIBC and in 2007 he continued as head of Securitization at Credit Portfolio Management at BNP Paribas Fortis. In the last role, he was responsible for several post crisis and Basel 2 compliant securitization transactions. Further he is the founding chairman of Global Credit Data, a global association of banks with the largest loan loss database in the world. He holds a MS in law from the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Robin Willing

Corporate Sustainability advisor

Robin is currently Senior Sustainability Officer at NIBC Bank In the Netherlands. He has a long track record in banking and financial services in the Netherlands as well as the USA. With more than 25 years of managerial and operational experience in sustainability and communications. He is inspired by sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Richard Pearson

Sustainability and UN funding advisor

Richard is the founder of Tree Supporter that helps replace natural capital which is vital for maintaining economic growth. He is passionate about addressing climate change and reducing poverty in a sustainable and innovative manner. At, he focuses on happiness and the community spirit. He is also part of the team of the World Sustainability Fund and has deep knowledge on the UN sustainability goals and UN funding initiatives.

Liang Shi

Financial Advisor

Liang Shi holds CFA and FRM amongst his accomplishments. He brings on-board 8 years banking experience working as Financial Analyst to Senior Expert in Financial Products. He also works extensively for several years as a consultant in Capital Markets and also in Risk Management. Liang enjoys sharing his knowledge and assisting people to achieve the best solutions in financial services with a winning mentality, something he brings to Impact Earth

Sophia Gallina

Advisor on Africa affairs

Sophia serves on the board of directors of Greenpeace Africa as both a board member and trustee. She also works for German Development Cooperation managing a programme on Peace, Security and Governance in the southern African region, working with both State and Non-State actors. She brings her vast knowledge on environmental and sustainable solutions combined with a never-ending fight for a better Africa.

Guoda Merkyte


Guoda is a UX designer. She worked as an architect and she was specialized in the hotel industry, but she turned her career in UX design, where she combines architectural thinking in UX design. Architectural thinking starts from idea/concept which makes the client happy, suits his needs and fits into the environment. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with other people and offering solutions for which has a positive impact.

Participate now and get 50% off

Offer valid until the 31st of March